Bedroom Must Haves

1. A Comfy Rug: Not only does a rug feel comfy when you step out of bed, it also frames your bed and grounds your bedroom space.

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2. Quality Bedding: Spend money on quality sheets and linens that are soft yet durable like Egyptian cotton sheets.  After all, we spend one-third of our life sleeping!

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3. The Right Amount of Pillows: Add color and texture to your bedroom with four to six pillows and an accent pillow.

3 (5).jpg

4. A Place to Sit:  Chose an elegant chair or bench for the foot of your bed.  It’s a great place to read, put on your shoes, use your laptop, or talk to a friend.

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5. Something You Love:  Don’t forget to add your personal touch to a room.  Whether it’s an art piece or a fabulous accessory, fill your room with things that make you happy.

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