7 Ways to Be More Creative

Let your creativity be endless with these 7 tips on how to get the inspiration going.

1. Use Your Time Wisely

Disconnect from distractions and make time for yourself, it’s important to switch off and reset.  A more rested self can help to increase your creativity.


2. Read Books

Get inspiration and encouragement from books to maintain your creativity.  Read a little each day to feed your creativity.

1 (1)

3. Try New Things

Try new things and explore new ideas for new inspiration.  Whether it’s a new technique or a new project, challenge your creativity.

If you find your current creative hobbies are growing stagnant and no longer hold your interest or you’re struggling for inspiration, try new things and explore new ideas. 

9 (2)


4. Use a Creative Notebook

Find a place where you can store all your creative ideas, achievements, and projects.  It’s a nice way to keep yourself motivated and see your progress.


5. Attend Events & Classes

Get involved with the creative community.  Join a class, a talk, or local market and surround yourself with creative people.

6 (1).jpg

6. Network

Make new friends and build a network that understands and supports your creativity.  

11 (3).jpg

7. Go Outside

Get out and explore!  Take a long walk or visit a gallery or museum, whatever it is, take the time to do things and enjoy life.  Inspiration can come from anywhere or anything.

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