How to Make Every Day More Awesome

The sunshine is calling your name. We’ve discovered a routine that will make getting up in the morning a lot less groggy.

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Hydrate. Have a glass of lukewarm water infused with lemon when you first wake up. Prepare it the night before in an infuser and keep it by your bedside.

2 (4)

Stop snoozing. Don’t hit the snooze button, get up and go!

4 (3)

Wash away the grog. Take a quick shower. Random burst of cold water will really do the trick.

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Eat something. A healthy breakfast that will fuel your day. Anything from smoothies with natural sugar to warm oatmeal with fruit and nuts are easy and fast picks.

10 (3)

Get moving. 10 crunches, 4 squats, stretches? Do some light exercises to get your blood pumping and energy up.
Making these simple adjustments will get you to become a morning person in no time.

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