DIY Lucite Tray

Keeping your desk tidy is easy with this gorgeous DIY.


Keep it pretty minimal in your office with clutter free areas to help get work done. A catch-all is kind of like the ‘junk drawer’ mentality where if even the totally random little tid-bits have a space, the desk can stay clear.

Find a Lucite tray at your local container store and find a  handwritten version of your favorite mantra. We chose “dreams don’t work unless you do” and turned it into a vinyl decal.  


Materials & Tools

  • Circuit Machine
  • Gold Vinyl  (I use this vinyl, it’s way less expensive than the circuit vinyl and is permanent/dishwasher safe)
  • Clear Acrylic Desk Tray
  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Rubber/Scraper
  • ‘Dreams’ graphic, get it HERE!

First, download the graphic, then upload it to the platform.  Then, make sure do away with the white background, unflatten and turn the graphic into a cut.


CUT OUT the graphic on gold vinyl.  REMOVE the negative space, or background of the graphic.

cut out a piece of clear contact paper that is a little bigger than the vinyl graphic, then STICK the transfer paper, sticky side down, to the graphic.  RUB over the top of the graphic and clear contact paper with a hard object.  


PEEL the clear transfer paper off of the white background and your graphic will pull up on to the transfer paper.  Then, LAY the design (sticky side down) onto the center of the acrylic tray.  Use your scraper one more time to ensure the gold graphic adheres properly to the tray, then peel away the clear paper, leaving your graphic attached to the tray.




Store your paperclips, hand lotion, post its and more in this gorgeous creation of yours!

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