Beginner Tips on How To Decorate


Find new things at thrift stores and flea markets.

  • Use books as a decorating accessory.
  • Avoid looks that are easily dated.


  • Research creative ideas for what to hang on walls.
  • Set trends by having happy decorating accidents.

2 (1)

  • Get into making your own simple DIY projects!
  • Creatively conceal things you don’t like!


  • Establish a purpose and focal point.
  • Use open shelving.


  • Don’t be afraid to rearrange furniture to make your home work better for you.
  • Focus on neutrals and add pops of color.


  • Head to vintage and second hand stores and find treasures to spray paint!
  • Create art out of your favorite magazine and book pages.
  • Decorate with useful and practical things.


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