5 Plants to Grow to Give Your Yard More Privacy


1. Bamboo – but beware! Choose clumping varieties of this large grass family member over running ones, which are much more invasive and difficult to control. If you want to be extra safe, plant bamboo in containers, which has the added advantage of giving more height to your green wall.


2. Bouganvillea – This beautiful vine comes in many colorful varieties. The ‘flowers’, which are modified leaves, range from deep purple to bright yellow. Plant a few varieties to give your property a full spectrum of colors. Beware the thorny nature of the trunk!


3. Banana – Technically giant herbs, many varieties of banana exist with beautiful broad leaves that give an instant feeling of privacy and exude the calm and peace of the tropics. Also in this category are larger varieties of bird of paradise.


4. Rosemary – typically thought of as an herb garden staple, rosemary may be grown and trained as a hedge (or virtually any other shape). It smells amazing and is happy in many sunlight conditions.


5. Papyrus – Take a page out the pharaoh’s book and walk like an Egyptian with this more exotic plant. Leaves poof outward from a central green stalk, providing gentle edging for your space or may be grown in higher density to create a wall.

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