DIY String Light Projects to Try This Weekend

DIY Wine Bottle Lamps

Find discarded wine bottles and wash off stickers and labels. Line them up together and place the LED lights in and around them. The easiest and cutest DIY LED lighting design we’ve found so far.

DIY Canopy

Make an illusion of a bed post by mounting two towel rings in the ceiling with hooks and hang some fabric together with LED string lights.

DIY Chandelier

All you need is a and some lace. Wrap the lights around the hula hoop and cover them up by wrapping the lace around it. Find some hanging hardware and you’re done! Instant romantic setting.

DIY Cloud Night Light

We were so inspired by the look that we decided to DIY our own little slice of this amazing artistic structure. Here are the tools you’d need to make a DIY Cloud Light: 1) Cotton batting (found at craft stores—it’s the material used to stuff pillows and quilts) 2) A paper lantern 3) Fishing wire (if your paper lantern doesn’t come with string—ours didn’t include it) 4) Glue gun 5) Battery-powered LED light. See the details here. 

DIY Wine Bottle Lamps 1DIY Wine Bottle Lamps 2DIY Wine Bottle Lamps 3

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