Outdoor furniture ideas you need to know about!


-Mix’n’Match: For a fun look this summer, don’t worry about matching your outdoor furniture exactly! Let the wooden pieces sit next to the lacquer plastic chairs, let the glass table hang out between the hammock chairs! The more eclectic the look, the more relaxed the vibe. The only thing to remember is that a color theme will be helpful if all of the elements are varied, and will keep your outdoor from descending into chaos!


-Compare’n’Contrast: To give new life to your old picnic table or outdoor coffee table, take a quick trip to your local hardware store and pick out a nice dark stain. Once you have sanded down the previous stain on your table (and put on your work clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty!), give your table a nice layer of stain. This new dark look will look exceptionally good next to bright powerful primary colors (choose red, yellow or blue, not all three!).


-Reclaimed’n’Blue: Instead of going super dark, you can always sand your wooden outdoor pieces down for a fully reclaimed look. I would recommend at least adding a layer of sealant so the wood doesn’t get too damaged or rotten outside! This lighter reclaimed wood will look wonderful next to most blue hues, teal or deeper blues especially. As long as you stay away from a neon blue, you will create a relaxing rustic outdoor vibe that is hard to beat!


Flowers’n’Booze: Nothing says “summer fun” like an outdoor area in your yard that serves as a bar for your entertaining! Find a piece of wooden furniture that is about bar height and can fit nicely in a corner of your yard. This will now become the focal point for your evening gatherings and allow you to relax as hostess since you’ve given the job of bartender back to the people! Extra points if you can find a vine you love and coax it genly to grow around the bar to fill the summer nights with the intoxicating smells of jasmine or passion fruit flowers!

Outdoor Bench 6

Storage’n’Loungin: If you are working with a tight outdoor space, consider a storage bench to pull double duty as a catch-all for your gardening gear and a cozy outdoor loveseat for you and your loved one! To aid in the camouflage, throw a few outdoor pillows on your storage box and no one will be the wiser!

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