Summer Blues that we love!


Seating: Choose a corner of your home that is begging for an accent color and dive headfirst into the joys of blue! Whether you go with a strong teal leather chair or a soft periwinkle upholstered swivel chair, you can’t go wrong with blue this summer!


Window Love: Let the sunshine in! Also, let the sunshine give your room a soft blue vibe with sheer or belgian linen blue curtains. The hazy blue light will lend your space an exotic and relaxing atmosphere that is sure to help you find your zen during the hot months!


Music to my eyes: Even if you are not a concert pianist, having a piano in your home to help to ground the space and provide a powerful anchor to rooms that need some help! For a real twist, take on the color of the season, and paint that piano blue! This will look especially divine if you have a primarily monochromatic space. If you already have a lot of color going on, this might cause too much color confusion!

Shoes, lots of used in pile

Put on your dancing shoes! Don’t forget that your wardrobe is part of your decor. Whether your shoes are peaking out from under your dresser, sitting adorably on your shoe rack in the entryway or being proudly worn on your feet, they live in your home and can play a big part in your color scheme. Go big, go bold, go blue this summer in your footwear!

Polaroid Pots

Develop your blue thumb! Pick up some chalk paint or a can of blue spray paint and give a few of your outdoor terra cotta planters a new lease on life. Vibrant blue pots will help to add some variety to the colors of your yard and will assist a newbie gardener in creating a more curated look!

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