3 Delicious Recipes with Beer!


Guinness Glazed halibut

Halibut is a tough fish to mess up so this is a good choice for your first attempt at a beer glaze! Combine Guinness, Honey, Lemon Juice and a splash of Tabasco (and salt to taste!) to create a delicious dark beer glaze for your fish this summer! You can use the glaze on whatever your side veggies are as well! (works great with broccoli or zucchini!). This glaze will help add some body to any white fish and you can use any dark stout beer you like!


Beer Battered Fried Chicken

Add your favorite golden ale to the egg mixture before you batter your chicken in your frying pan! This will add a lot of flavor and increase your hipster factor with your guests! For extra points, you can serve the same beer along with your chicken or whip up some waffles to create the flavor explosion of beer, waffles, and fried chicken! Yes, please!

Fish Tacos

The secret ingredient to delicious fish tacos are these: Cilantro for garnishing, corn tortillas instead of flour, and beer in your batter for your white fish (I recommend Cod!). Frying this light and fluffy fish in beer will add a fun crunch to the soft subtle flavor of cod, cilantro will work to create a distinctive summer flavor and corn tortillas will help you stay authentic to the most traditional of tacos!

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