Spooky Spirits! Halloween Cocktails!


Halloween isn’t just for kids anymore! Everyone gets to let their hair down and rekindle the childhood joy of costumes and tricks and treats! Try your hand at these three spooky and delicious cocktails to add some spirit to your Halloween party!


The Dragon’s Breath!

This powerful drink is not for the faint of heart! To make this drink the central cocktail of your event, it would be amazing if your designated bartenders could be dressed as knights or dragons or princesses (or Hobbits! Or Daenerys!)


What you’ll need:

Dragonberry bacardi (Alternative: any golden rum and a red-fruit grenadine)

Champagne (Alternative: sparkling white wine)

Red wine (Alternative: ‘No sugar added’ red grape juice. This drink has plenty of booze in it so you won’t miss the red wine if you don’t have any!)


Ice (extra points if you can get your hands on some dry ice to create the smokey dragon’s breath coming out of the drink! Just remind your guests not to eat it!)

Club Soda


Mix to taste! I recommend making a few practice cocktails to ensure the proportions are to your liking!

Blood Orange Margaritas!


These crimson cocktails are just like margaritas, except bloodier! This drink will work especially well if you have a vampire or zombie theme to your party! You can require that anyone who opts for this beverage must wear vampire fangs or accompany the drink with bright red tequila jello shots!


What you’ll need:

Cocktail shaker

crushed ice

Gold (joven) tequila

Blood orange juice fresh squeezed

Salt for the rim

Triple sec


For all Margaritas, you should remember the 3-2-1 rule! 3 parts Tequila. 2 parts Triple Sec and 1 part citrus juice. Add your 3-2-1 mixture to your cocktail shaker along with your crushed ice. Mix and Shake! Dip your chilled glasses in salt to coat the rim and then pour your margarita! If the blood oranges don’t give your drink a deep enough color, you can add a small drop of red food coloring to make your margaritas appear even bloodier!


Maniacal Martinis!

This reliable standard will serve quite well for any Halloween party! The idea is to add a bit of color to your traditional martini by add a tablespoon of raspberry or strawberry liqueur to the vodka. Then, you just need to drop a spooky gummy to the bottom of the glass! I recommend gummy teeth or gummy eyeballs for maximum creep-effect!  

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