Costumes for Two!

Why settle for a solo costume when you can attack the Halloween festivities as a team? Grab a friend or a lover and get to costuming together! Here are a few examples of easy DIY couples costumes for you to try your hand at this October!


Tink and Peter. These two can be as simple or as complex as you have time for! The most basic needs for these costumes are wings, a wand, and a short yellow dress for Tinkerbell, and green leggings, green shirt and pointy green hat (or modified baseball hat!) for Peter Pan! Second star to the right, and straight on ‘til morning!


Marge and Homer. D’oh! As the starring couple of one of television’s longest running series, Mr & Mrs Simpson are a perfect choice for any costume party! Ideally, you would have yellow face-paint to cover your face neck, arms (Marge can wear yellow tights!) but this couple costume will work even without yellow skin! The most basic version of these two would require the following items:

For Marge, a tall blue wig (or spray painted Marie-Antoinette wig), pale green strapless dress, red beads, red ballerina flats.

For Homer: white polo shirt, blue pants (not jeans, blue slacks!), a goatee or a drawn-on five o’clock shadow, a pink sprinkles donut.


Peach and Mario. The princess and her plumber make an adorable Halloween costume and they can be joined by Luigi! Essentially, whoever is dressing up as Mario needs to start growing a moustache in early October and Princess Peach needs to find a bright yellow blond wig! From there, the most basic needs of this costume are a pink dress, huge blue earrings, a tiny golden crown and cartoony makeup for Princess Peach and bright blue overalls, a red shirt, red baseball hat, white gloves and an enormous mustache for Mario!


The Wolf and Red. This is a fun standard costume to put unusual spins on. You can make both the Wolf and Little Red into vampires or zombies, you can give the Wolf gorgeous makeup and give Little Red extensive animal makeup, you can use makeup to make them both look quite old and as if they have moved past their differences! Make this common Halloween costume into something that is uniquely your own!

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