Eerie Entryways!

Arguably the most important area of the home to decorate for Halloween is the front door! This is the spot where you will greet Trick or Treaters of all shapes and sizes! There are quite a few fun options to set your house apart and make it the place to be on the spookiest night of the year!


Giant Spider. Use your glue-gun to attach wooden popsicle sticks together in the shape of a web. Then, you can spray paint your sturdy web with black spray paint (let it dry!) and use 3M strips to attach the web to your front door! One silk black ribbon will connect your web to your larger-than-life spider! Use your glue-gun once again to attach fluffy pipe-cleaners to a black foam circle. Pick out your favorite 4 pairs of googly eyes and attach those to your foam circles (let us not forget that spiders have 8 eyes!).  Goofy and massive, this spider will put any easily-frightened guests at ease and still contribute to the spirit of Halloween! (originally found on


Bats! Bats! Grab a stack of black construction paper, a pair of scissors and a roll of heavy-duty painter’s tape. Put on some music or a TV show and sit back while you cut out 15-20 bat shapes. Then, take a moment to assess where you want your cloud of flying bats to be placed. Then fold pieces of painter’s tape into loops to attach your bats to your entry way across your front door!


Door Monster! Instead of decorating your front door with monsters, let the door itself become the decor! Draw a black circle in the center of two white paper plates and pick up a role of thick white masking tape or gaffers tape! Position the plates as the eyes of the door and use the tape to create a funny mouth in whatever shape suits your fancy!


Eyeball Wreath! Check your holiday decor from years past for a wreath that you are ready to part ways with. If you don’t have a wreath, swing by your local Tuesday Morning or Dollar Tree and grab a cheap wreath! While you’re out, grab a bag of cheap ping-pong balls and red, blue and black permanent markers if you don’t have them already! Use your markers to draw a black pupil, blue iris and lots of tiny red veins on each of the ping pong balls. You will need quite a few ping pong balls for this wreath to be a smash hit, 40-50 ping pong balls depending on the size of your wreath. Use your glue-gun to attach your collection of disembodied bloodshot eyeballs to your wreath! Hang it on your front door, wait for the screams!

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