Classic Pumpkin Decor!

Why complicate your life when you can make the most traditional and spooky Halloween decor of all time? The original Jack-O-Lantern!


Cut out the top of your pumpkin, scoop out the seeds and the gooey inside of the pumpkin and then trace your design onto your pumpkin with a marker before you start to cut!


I recommend using a smaller knife (I used a leatherman) so that you can really get sharp corners in the teeth and so that you don’t accidentally remove your pumpkin’s pupils!


If you are not interested in carving a jack-o-lantern this Halloween, grab some paint and try these two ghoulish options instead!


The spider pumpkin can be achiever by painting a spider web in black paint all across the front of your pumpkin! That’s as easy as pumpkin pie!


The slasher pumpkin looks like he has two deep gashes across his body that are sutured up and starting to bleed! This is the most creepy of the pumpkin decor options but will create quite a fright on All Hallow’s Eve!


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