The Perfect Fall Retreat!

As the wind picks up and the nights get a little bit colder, it’s important to take time to be still and listen to your quiet thoughts, your subtle feelings, the deeper movement of dreams and plans inside your heart. Be intentional about setting aside time to turn off the noise of the busy week and tune in to your truest. Here are some tools to help you treat yourself to a mini-mindfulness retreat!


Treat yourself to a snack. Prepare a soothing and comforting snack for yourself. Let yourself really focus on the act of preparing food, be sure to choose a time to prepare your meal when you do not have a deadline. This will ensure that you are able to relax into the viscerally pleasurable activity of preparing food. To help you be present in the moment, try repeating the following mantra to yourself “I am preparing food. I am nourishing myself”.


Treat yourself to music. Whether you have a favorite Pandora station of nature sounds or an album of soothing classical music, put on a pair of wireless headphones and let yourself get lost in the sounds. Try and use music that is ambient or with meditative qualities to allow your mind to relax and release any tension that you have been building up.


Treat yourself to a drink. Sipping on a warm cup of tea can help us settle into a quiet and restorative state of mind. Try a soothing cup of chamomile, lemon verbena or mint tea to begin letting go of the the never-ending to-do list that floats around your mind. Let yourself be fully in the now. Notice the way the cup feels against your lips, notice the temperature of the tea, take a deep breath through your nose and be aware of the intense aroma of the tea.


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