Top 3 Thanksgiving Casseroles!


Cream of Corn. Corn is a must have at any Thanksgiving feast! Why not try a creamy corn casserole at your table this year? This will be a particular hit if you decide to add some heat to any other dish! The creamy corn will soothe any palette and keep everyone coming back for seconds!


Sweet Potatoes. This decadent root vegetable pair exceedingly well with pumpkin! Add some pumpkin to your sweet potatoes this year for an even brighter orange color and an extra helping of fiber! Topping your sweet potato casserole with a layer of marshmallows before you toss it into the broiler will give you a gooey molten delicious side dish (or dessert!).

HOW TO MAKE GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE Alton Brown Good Eats/Bean Stalker Food Network Onions, AllPurpose Flour, Panko Bread Crumbs, Salt, Nonstick Cooking Spray, Green Bean, Butter, Mushrooms, Black Pepper, Garlic, Nutmeg, Chicken Broth, HalfandHalf

Green beans and Almonds. This is a hard one to mess up! Green beans, almonds and onions make a great team and will provide some very important vitamins and nutrients to an otherwise rich and splurge-worthy annual meal!

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