Theme Your Holidays!

One way to relieve the stress of the winter holidays is to give your friends and family a fun theme each year for gifts! If you want to get really creative, you can extend this theme to the decor in your home, the menu at your holiday dinner parties, the holiday card you send out to your loved ones!


Birds. Birds are a great theme for gifts because the options are so varied and across the whole gamut of gifts! Whether you give your bestie a set of binoculars and a bird-watching guide or a set of bejeweled bird earrings or a sweet sweater with knitted sparrows across the front, birds are  a beautiful motif with a powerful symbolism of freedom and wanderlust.


Books. Make this a literary holiday season, sharing your favorite  classics, your top easy reads, a subscription to your sister’s favorite magazine, a how-to guide to yoga for that friend who needs some namaste in her life, or a book of crossword puzzles for you nephew! This theme is a fun one for place settings and dinner party decor, using old books you collect from local garage sales and thrift stores and cut up to make gorgeous displays!


Sleep. Prepare yourself for a restful holiday atmosphere with this brilliant theme! Pajamas for your nieces, a cozy two-person sleeping bag for your friends who are always camping, fluffy sleep masks for your mother and her beauty rest and quotes about dreaming at each place setting for your dinner party!

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