Bathroom Color Tips!


Whether you like it or not, you need to take time to plan the decor of your bathroom just like any other room in your home! The colors you choose for the walls and for the decor objects can greatly affect the mood you create in your bathroom. This is important because you spend much of your morning waking ritual in your bathroom and we want to ensure that you are starting each day in a positive and uplifting way!


Choosing warm tones for the walls of your bathroom and wooden decor features will create a natural glow to your space. Golden to yellow tones for bathroom walls reflect the morning sun and subconsciously prime your mind to optimistically approach each day!


Recreating a seaside landscape in your personal bathroom on any scale will help you remember to take a deep breath before you start each day! Living “Island Style” with joy and moderation can help us reduce our stress and head out into the world with a peaceful attitude!


Moroccan bathroom decor is a good option if you need to be reminded to take care of yourself! The ultimate treat for our body and mind, the hammam or Turkish bath experience can be evoked in your bathroom with the addition of tiles, ceramic decor pieces or bright red accents!

Bathroom Storage Hacks!


I love this simple trick for storing your metallic beauty products! Simple pick up a thin metallic knife strip and mount in on the wall or a shelf in your bathroom. Then you have a convenient way to keep your tweezers, nail-clippers and pesky bobby pins so that you don’t have to rifle through your drawers to find them! (Thanks to for this idea, we love it!)


There is no better room to utilize wooden wine crate than the bathroom! These versatile wooden containers are perfect to house rolled up towels or jars of cotton balls or smaller boxes of q-tips! They will look warm and natural unpainted or will coordinate easily with your decor if you choose to paint them!

When you feel overwhelmed by piles of things in your boudoir or your bathroom, take a step back and begin to sort your cosmetics and beauty supplies  by theme.  Make a pile of hair products, a pile of face cleaning products, a pile of hair accessories, a pile of medicine, a pile of ‘I-use-these-things-every-single-morning’. Then let yourself grab as many baskets as you need to place these piles in containers! Having your piles organizes and separated into their different purposes will help you assess what you need to hold onto and what you need to let yourself let go of!