Choosing the Right Bedroom Colors!


Warm & Bold. As the heat of summer begins to cool, it can be a great time to pour a little bit of warmth into your color choices for your bedroom. Fall is a perfect opportunity to spice up your bedroom decor with a little bit of orange or red. These traditionally autumnal colors remind us of positive change in our lives and the world around us, but they also help subconsciously lift our mood when we retreat to our bedrooms to rest, infusing those precious moments before sleep with warmth.


Cool & Classy. If you have filled your summer with bright colors and splashed of pink, orange or green, fall can serve as a time to tone it down a it. Let yourself observe your summer decor and fashion choices without judgement and then settle on a contrasting choice as you move into fall! The vibrancy of hot pink and mango orange from the hot summer months can be balanced by gentle pastels on the cooler spectrum of color. Light periwinkle or soothing lavender might be good options for your transition to autumn!

Black and White. If you are exhausted from figuring out your bedroom color palette with every changing season, it might be time for you to take the plunge into the exciting world of black and white and grey! By choosing a grey-scale aesthetic for your bedroom, you can enjoy the comforting limits to color but also take advantage of the occasional pop of color in one single accent pillow or one lone vase. This is truly the best of both worlds, allowing you to experiment with the wide variety of black and white patterns in your bedding, your rugs and your drapery while keeping the door slightly open to the powerful world of color.

Interior Decorator Bedroom Hacks!


Low ceiling? Low furniture and one or two powerful vertical pieces can help create the illusion of higher ceilings in your bedroom! Avoid a headboard that is too large, instead opt for a bed frame that is sleek and low to the ground, adding a tall floor lamp or a statement mirror leaning against a wall to create height!


Boring bedding? If you are bored with your bedding, you don’t necessarily have to replace it all! Stay in the same color palette just add diversity in your pattern and texture. Find accent pillows or a throw in the same color as your comforter but with more variety in fabric pattern.


Cheap curtains? If you are not in the mood to spring for luxury drapery for your bedroom windows, never fear! You can always pick up discount curtains at Ross or Marshall’s, just be sure to grab them in a length longer than you require! This way, you can easily hem them to the length you want and still achieve the proper length of curtain! You always want your window treatment to (at least!) touch the floor, ideally it will create a small pouf of fabric as it lands.


Tempted to go bold? Go even bolder! A dark accent wall can look strange if it contrasts with the molding and the trim on that wall! So go ahead and paint the whole wall for a hyper-modern powerful choice!


Mirror Mirror on the Wall! Be mindful of where you hang your mirror! You want great light for putting on makeup and checking out your outfit but you also want to make sure that when someone enters your room they see something beautiful reflected in your mirror: artwork, your ceiling pendant, the window on the opposite wall!

How Many Pillows on a Bed?

The general rule of thumb to follow when arranging the pillows on your bed is “invitingly cozy, not intimidatingly crowded”. To this end, you want to make sure that the majority of the pillows on your bed are functional and useful. You are allowed to have one or two pillows that are entirely decorative and serve no purpose other than to create a beautiful effect! The rest of the pillows should be comfortable to rest your head on for sleep or to lean against while you read a great book in bed!


Here are three simple and easy options for your bed…


Sleek. 4 standard pillows. Two stacks of two. Laid flat. No fuss.


Fancy. 4 standard pillows and 2 euro pillows (square pillows, about 24 x 24 inches) leaning against the stacked standard pillows. The euro pillows can have a gentle pattern or a contrasting color that harmonizes with your standard pillow shams.


Luxe. 4 standard pillows and 2 Euro pillows in the Fancy setup. Then, 1 decorative pillow in the center with a contrasting pattern or tassel. This decorative pillow and its pattern should really bring together the whole room, This pillow is your chance to add some glamour to your bedroom while linking together all of the colors in your decor. Sweet Dreams!

5 Ways to Use Poufs!


-The pouf is one of the most versatile and intriguing of all furniture pieces! Nestled between being a pillow and an ottoman it can become virtually whatever you need it to be! Try placing a metallic or wooden tray on your pouf to instantaneously turn it into a funky coffee table with a lot of personality!


-Finding your space too monochromatic and neutral? Never fear, the pouf is here to add a pop of color, a splash of pattern and a dollop of  style to your room! Remember that with most poufs you can swap out the cover if you need a change, so don’t be afraid to go bold with a bright warm color!


-Store a couple of poufs underneath your coffee table or snugly beneath a console table. You will not only create a decor piece when they are not in use but you will suddenly have extra seating options at your fingertips when the party gets more crowded! This works best with the more square or rectangular shaped poufs, as they are more suited to being stacked or stored this way!


-Lean back and put your feet up…on a pouf! No need to have a bulky cumbersome ottoman or stool clogging up passageways and creating a tripping hazard in your living room! The pouf takes up less space and is a soft and welcoming spot to rest your tired feet after a long day!


-Forget the dining table, roll out the poufs and serve your dinner around your coffee table! This intimate and comfortable setting will add a relaxed and casual vibe to any dinner party or family meal! Sitting on the floor on a soft pouf will be a welcome change for any of your guests who spend their day stuck at a desk or sitting in traffic!

5 Yoga Tips for the Busy Woman


FULL BODY Stretch your body before you even start to stand up! Take a deep cleansing breath before you get out of bed then stand up out of bed on your next deep inhale. This will help your body prepare for movement and gently begin each day.

I'm catching every moment of life
I’m catching every moment of life

SPINE: Alpha Chimp pose first thing in the morning. As soon as you are out of bed. Lift both arms above your head and open your fingers wide. Reach up. If you feel stable enough, try and go up onto the balls of your feet. This will get your testosterone flowing (yes, testosterone, for everyone!) and help you feel in control and ready to face your day. Power pose!


HANDS:As you are washing your hands after using the restroom, take the time to massage your fingers and your hands.You should be washing your hands for 20-40s in warm water so use that time to give some love to your finger joints and your hands (particularly that strong muscle between your thumb and index!)


FEET: As you sit at your desk, life one foot and then the other rotating your ankle and flexing then pointing your toes. Then switch to the opposite foot. This will increase circulation in your feet and legs!

5 Ways to Update your Bed


Vintage: If you are still on the lookout for the perfect headboard or have been living sans headboard and are looking to spruce up your bedroom, take a stroll through your local antique and thrift stores. If you happen across an old vintage door, grab it! Whether you install bedside lamps or simply let the door shine alone, it will be a powerfully unique statement in your room!


Out with the old: Get rid of your bed skirt. It is that simple. Bed skirts are an excuse to hide messes under our beds and they accumulate dust bunnies. This simple change will dramatically increase the attractiveness and modernity of your bed and your entire bedroom!


Monochrome moment: Switch out your bedding for a more calming monochromatic choice in a pastel, grey or white. This will add more light and a sense of calm to your bedroom.


Rustic charm: If you are currently rocking a wooden headboard and would like an update, consider trying a pale pastel color of Chalk Paint to give your bed a welcoming farmhouse look!


Framing the bed: If all else fails, choose a powerful, stunning piece of art to place above your bed. Make sure you properly and securely fasten this piece above your bed and sit back as the compliments pour in!

Essentials for a Beautiful, Peaceful Bedroom Retreat

Peace nowadays is very hard to come by. Your bedroom should be the last place to hustle and bustle. Leave those things at the door. Here are a few ways to turn your bedroom into a beautiful, peaceful and tranquil space that you’ll be excited to come home to:


Add a Reading Nook: Get off the phone and enjoy some good old fashion imagination in a tranquil space that you’ve made just for yourself. All you need is a reclining chair or a reading lamp. Instant peace.

White Bedroom Ideas
White Bedroom Ideas

Sleep-Only Zone: Take out the exercise equipment. Move the television into another room. Make your bedroom your sanctuary. Invest in amazing sheets. and a great mattress. You spend 8 hours of your everyday sleeping, it’s best to make the most of it.


Softer Lighting: Harsh lighting can be a contributor to your lack of sleep and can keep your bodyclock going even when you’re determined to turn it off. Turn harsh ceiling lights by switching to softer bulbs or three-way lightbulbs so you can control the brightness of your lights with the exact amount you need. Choosing metallic-lined lampshades can make a large difference, too.