5 Step Guide to Reinventing your Metal Furniture!


First, dust: Use an air compressor to lightly remove dirt from all of the nooks and crannies of your rusting metal furniture.

Then, dust again: Use a rag and a (highly flammable, so be careful) bottle of Mineral Spirits to wipe off another layer of dirt. You want to make sure your piece is as clean as possible before we start protecting it!


Protect it: Use a foam brush to add a layer of Penetrol to prevent the piece from rusting any further, freezing the movement of the rust in its tracks!

Cover it: Apply a clear coat over the entire piece of furniture. You can use glossy or matte clear coat, it entirely depends on your aesthetic preference!

Enjoy it: Once the clear coat has dried, take a look at your new and improved metal piece and congratulate yourself on a job well done!


Gold and Marble Kitchens

When marble and gold meet, it’s the ultimate look of luxury.


Steal that style on a budget with a few of inexpensive incorporations.


Spray paint fixtures and use marble wall paper for quick and easy DIY accents.


Make marble or gold the focal point of the room by placing it over the kitchen stove or wrapping up or spray painting light structures.