Swap Holidays in Style!

If your home still looks like it is celebrating Halloween or Thanksgiving, it is time to put a bit of thought into a quick update to give your decor a winter holiday makeover!


Too many pumpkins that were being used as decor in your entryway or as centerpieces for your dinner parties? Go ahead and cut them open to throw together some soothing winter pumpkin soup or a hearty loaf of pumpkin bread!


Using red, orange, and yellow for your decor? No problem! Just remove the orange and yellow components and add in something glittery or sparkly for a shiny, red holiday look!


Acorns, branches and pinecones in your autumn and thanksgiving decor? Just add a bit of golden paint to the tips of the branches or leaves to let your holiday centerpiece sparkle and shine!

DIY last-minute name cards!

Nothing is quite as welcoming as finding your own name carefully and lovingly written by your hostess, letting you know that your spot has been saved, your place secured at the table, your presence desired.


Autumn Leaves. Why not grab actual leaves from your yard and win the ultimate prize for reusing and recycling? Be sure to pick out particularly bright and beautiful leaves! Use a white out pen to write each guest’s on each leaf and place one leaf on each plate.


Scrabble Table. Take a swing through your local thrift shop and pick up an old game of scrabble or bananagrams. Use the letters to spell out each guest’s name on their plate! Extra points if you play board games or cards as part of the dinner fun!


Gobble Gobble.  Gather twice as many corks as you have dinner guests. Cut each cork lengthwise (hot dog, not hamburger style). Stick one toothpick into each cork half and use a hot glue gun to attach 6 or 7 red, orange and yellow feather shaped pieces of cardstock to the back!

Perfect Thanksgiving Entryways!

The moment your family and friends arrive at your home, you want them to feel welcome and you want to create a festive and aesthetically attractive atmosphere!


Natural elements can make your entryway console table really come to life and add real texture to your decor. Stick with vase and containers that you already have on hand and pick up natural elements from your yard, a local park or discount craft store!


Pick a central color. Instead of spreading your decor thinly with too wide an autumnal color palette, choose one color and make sure there is a pop of that central hue in each room of your home!


Wooden Rustic. Reclaimed wood doesn’t have to find a home as a console table or a dining table, you can add smaller wooden pieces (vases, boxes, bowls) to your entryway to give your Thanksgiving gathering a farmhouse appeal!

Quick’n’Easy Decor Makeovers!

When the seasons change, it can be daunting to try and switch out your entire home decor to match the changing colors in nature! Instead, here a few key small spots in the home that you can focus on to create a big change!


Towels. Swap out the hand towels and add a small candle in the same color palette to give your guest bathroom a subtle shift each season!


Pillows. Keep the throw pillows, just change the covers every few months to give new life to your living room decor! If you want, you can also add seasonally appropriate throws and blankets to match the new throw pillows!


Doormat. Ring in each new season with a different doormat! Try a colorful autumn leaf mat an artistic woven mat this fall!

DIY Gift Ideas!

Struggling to come up with the perfect gift idea? Why not use your hands to make something beautiful for your family this year? Whether you are knitting a scarf or making homemade jam, gifts that we pour our heart and soul into are always a hit!


Incense holder. Grab a jar or a glass and fill it halfway with sand (if you want to get fancy, you can layer different colors of sand!) Then thread a few meaningful charms onto a ribbon of burlap or colorful yarn and wrap it around your container. Place a few seashells or pieces of colored glass on the sand. Pick out a lovely assortment of incense and place each stick deep in the sand. Voila!


Picture Frames. Grab a picture frame from your local thrift store. Load your glue gun with glue and get ready to get crafty! Depending on what you have lying around in your craft drawer or closet, stick with one theme and glue adorable things around the edge of your frame. I recommend sea shells, wine corks, rainbow yarn, bottle caps, pebbles, old coins, buttons. You can choose the photo you want to display first and then let that dictate the frame decor!


Personal Scrapbook. If you find that you are the kind of person that holds onto movie ticket stubs and wedding invitations, consider finding a small scrapbook to fill with memories with one specific friend. Add in notes to remind them of moments you shared. Find photos of the two of you and try and set the book up as a timeline of your friendship!

Theme Your Holidays!

One way to relieve the stress of the winter holidays is to give your friends and family a fun theme each year for gifts! If you want to get really creative, you can extend this theme to the decor in your home, the menu at your holiday dinner parties, the holiday card you send out to your loved ones!


Birds. Birds are a great theme for gifts because the options are so varied and across the whole gamut of gifts! Whether you give your bestie a set of binoculars and a bird-watching guide or a set of bejeweled bird earrings or a sweet sweater with knitted sparrows across the front, birds are  a beautiful motif with a powerful symbolism of freedom and wanderlust.


Books. Make this a literary holiday season, sharing your favorite  classics, your top easy reads, a subscription to your sister’s favorite magazine, a how-to guide to yoga for that friend who needs some namaste in her life, or a book of crossword puzzles for you nephew! This theme is a fun one for place settings and dinner party decor, using old books you collect from local garage sales and thrift stores and cut up to make gorgeous displays!


Sleep. Prepare yourself for a restful holiday atmosphere with this brilliant theme! Pajamas for your nieces, a cozy two-person sleeping bag for your friends who are always camping, fluffy sleep masks for your mother and her beauty rest and quotes about dreaming at each place setting for your dinner party!

Tips for your Fall Entryway!

Fall is a time to welcome friends and family to your home, for yummy smells drifting through the air, for laughter and happy gatherings! Make sure your home feels properly autumnally welcoming with these three tips!


Don’t hesitate to use pumpkins to decorate your entryway! They add color and a variety of sizes and texture to add some personality to your welcome zone!


Grab an older vase or basket and casually add some dried leaves or branches. This will give your entryway a vintage and well-loved feeling and give it a unique and natural vibe!


Combining white wood and wicker creates a sleek and modern take on the traditional fall aesthetic! Find a white console table and grab a jar of chalk paint and let yourself have a fun DIY afternoon of painting!