Perfect Thanksgiving Entryways!

The moment your family and friends arrive at your home, you want them to feel welcome and you want to create a festive and aesthetically attractive atmosphere!


Natural elements can make your entryway console table really come to life and add real texture to your decor. Stick with vase and containers that you already have on hand and pick up natural elements from your yard, a local park or discount craft store!


Pick a central color. Instead of spreading your decor thinly with too wide an autumnal color palette, choose one color and make sure there is a pop of that central hue in each room of your home!


Wooden Rustic. Reclaimed wood doesn’t have to find a home as a console table or a dining table, you can add smaller wooden pieces (vases, boxes, bowls) to your entryway to give your Thanksgiving gathering a farmhouse appeal!

Tips for your Fall Entryway!

Fall is a time to welcome friends and family to your home, for yummy smells drifting through the air, for laughter and happy gatherings! Make sure your home feels properly autumnally welcoming with these three tips!


Don’t hesitate to use pumpkins to decorate your entryway! They add color and a variety of sizes and texture to add some personality to your welcome zone!


Grab an older vase or basket and casually add some dried leaves or branches. This will give your entryway a vintage and well-loved feeling and give it a unique and natural vibe!


Combining white wood and wicker creates a sleek and modern take on the traditional fall aesthetic! Find a white console table and grab a jar of chalk paint and let yourself have a fun DIY afternoon of painting!



Light up the Night!

We can sometimes forget that the most important part of our Halloween decor is that it is seen! Ensure that your guests and your neighbors can see your amazing decor by taking some time to think about how to light it! The walkway up to your front door and your front yard can benefit from some spooky lighting to guide your local Trick or Treaters! Here are a few ideas of easy DIY lighting projects!


Milk Jug Ghosts. Save 5-10 plastic milk jugs and rinse them out before you start this project! Use a black permanent marker to draw spooky faces onto the milk jugs, choosing chunky shapes for the eyes and the mouth. No need to draw the outline of the face since the milk jug is going to be the whole head! Place a battery operated votive candle inside of each jug and use your recycled plastic jack-o-lanterns to light the way up to your front door!


Eerie Floating Globes! Blow up 15-20 small balloons until each balloon is about the size of your hand. Use papier-mache on each balloon to create tear-drop shaped hollow pendants. Instead of regular paper, try using coffee filters for the papier-mache in order to let the light shine through! Once the pendants are dry, pop the balloons and place one glow-stick in each pendant! Hang these spooky globes in the trees in your yard to create a disembodied lighting effect!   (Originally found on


Glowing Arachnid Home. Grab our favorite DIY craft material: mason jars! Fill each mason jar with cotton balls and little black plastic spiders. Then, carefully insert one glow-stick in each jar amid the cotton to bring your spider’s nest to life! From the outside, the jars will look like they are filled with radioactive spider eggs about to hatch!

Eerie Entryways!

Arguably the most important area of the home to decorate for Halloween is the front door! This is the spot where you will greet Trick or Treaters of all shapes and sizes! There are quite a few fun options to set your house apart and make it the place to be on the spookiest night of the year!


Giant Spider. Use your glue-gun to attach wooden popsicle sticks together in the shape of a web. Then, you can spray paint your sturdy web with black spray paint (let it dry!) and use 3M strips to attach the web to your front door! One silk black ribbon will connect your web to your larger-than-life spider! Use your glue-gun once again to attach fluffy pipe-cleaners to a black foam circle. Pick out your favorite 4 pairs of googly eyes and attach those to your foam circles (let us not forget that spiders have 8 eyes!).  Goofy and massive, this spider will put any easily-frightened guests at ease and still contribute to the spirit of Halloween! (originally found on


Bats! Bats! Grab a stack of black construction paper, a pair of scissors and a roll of heavy-duty painter’s tape. Put on some music or a TV show and sit back while you cut out 15-20 bat shapes. Then, take a moment to assess where you want your cloud of flying bats to be placed. Then fold pieces of painter’s tape into loops to attach your bats to your entry way across your front door!


Door Monster! Instead of decorating your front door with monsters, let the door itself become the decor! Draw a black circle in the center of two white paper plates and pick up a role of thick white masking tape or gaffers tape! Position the plates as the eyes of the door and use the tape to create a funny mouth in whatever shape suits your fancy!


Eyeball Wreath! Check your holiday decor from years past for a wreath that you are ready to part ways with. If you don’t have a wreath, swing by your local Tuesday Morning or Dollar Tree and grab a cheap wreath! While you’re out, grab a bag of cheap ping-pong balls and red, blue and black permanent markers if you don’t have them already! Use your markers to draw a black pupil, blue iris and lots of tiny red veins on each of the ping pong balls. You will need quite a few ping pong balls for this wreath to be a smash hit, 40-50 ping pong balls depending on the size of your wreath. Use your glue-gun to attach your collection of disembodied bloodshot eyeballs to your wreath! Hang it on your front door, wait for the screams!

Unique Storage Ideas for Your Entryway

It’s the first spot your guests see in your home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize your entry way for more storage. It’s smart to keep things extra organized while you enter the home with the opportunity to stash and store everyday items like keys, jackets, and bags. Take that idea to the next level with these three unique entryway storage ideas below:

1. Modular Mudroom: Who says a mudroom has to be muddy? Channel the latest trend of clean lines and minimalism with a rectangular storage bench that has secret storage spaces. Choose a neutral wood or natural shade for a softer statement.


2. Flea Market Finds: Head to your local flea market for fun finds to add a little spruce to your small space. Vintage furniture, old knobs, and unique chairs can be found at a fraction of the price. Plus, they make excellent conversation pieces.


3. Cubbie-tastic: Finally take your shoes off at the door with these creative cubbies perfect for little ones and adults. Stash everything from favorite stuffed toys to shopping bags for easy access to everything you might need as you head out the door.


Modern Entryway Decorating Ideas

Inspiring ways to refresh a small entry. Don’t let a small space hold you back! This shows you how to work with what you have but make it feel new.

Make the Most of Your Entryway

Living in a little space, without a dedicated entryway (or even a coat closet), doesn’t have to mean having purses and keys and boots and coats strewn all over the place. Here’s a little inspiration to find ways to make the space right next to your front door into a little workhorse that will keep the rest of your home pleasantly decluttered.