5 Yoga Tips for the Busy Woman


FULL BODY Stretch your body before you even start to stand up! Take a deep cleansing breath before you get out of bed then stand up out of bed on your next deep inhale. This will help your body prepare for movement and gently begin each day.

I'm catching every moment of life
I’m catching every moment of life

SPINE: Alpha Chimp pose first thing in the morning. As soon as you are out of bed. Lift both arms above your head and open your fingers wide. Reach up. If you feel stable enough, try and go up onto the balls of your feet. This will get your testosterone flowing (yes, testosterone, for everyone!) and help you feel in control and ready to face your day. Power pose!


HANDS:As you are washing your hands after using the restroom, take the time to massage your fingers and your hands.You should be washing your hands for 20-40s in warm water so use that time to give some love to your finger joints and your hands (particularly that strong muscle between your thumb and index!)


FEET: As you sit at your desk, life one foot and then the other rotating your ankle and flexing then pointing your toes. Then switch to the opposite foot. This will increase circulation in your feet and legs!

5 Fun Framing Ideas!


No need to go shopping for that perfect frame when you have a nice clean wall right in front of you! Measure out the size of the piece you would like to frame, find a can of paint in a subtle accent color, grab a roll of blue painter’s tape, get started on your 2-dimensional picture frame!


The time has come to upcycle that old picture frame that you have been meaning to find a photo for and yet have left to dust in a drawer or under a bed! Armed with your bowl filled with corks that you are saving (for some craft project in the very distant future!) and your handy dandy glue gun, lay out a pattern on the frame that you are happy with and then glue-away! Be sure to let the glue set for a full 24 hours before you use this lovely piece. Cheers!


Not feeling the cork option? No problem. Pick up a can of Rustoleum Mirror Spray (available on amazon or at your local Ace Hardware! Remove the glass from your old unused or slightly dated picture frame. Clean the glass. Let me repeat that: clean the glass! Use rubbing alochol to make sure your glass is spick and span before you apply your mirror spray. Let the spray dry and voila: you have yourself an antique finish mirror where once you had but a dumpy old frame!


Take a wander through your local flea markets, Goodwill stores, and vintage consignment shops. Do your best to find a picture frame (with glass!) that’s about the size of a kitchen tray (~11×18 inches). Use the glass to measure out cardstock or the paper of your choice to create a unique background for your tray! (nb: you will be able to change out the background as often as you’d like so let yourself get creative with color and pattern!). Pick up a pair of cabinet handles from your local hardware store. Use a drill to attach the handles to the side of your picture frame to create a funky new tray!


When in doubt, chalk paint can solve most boring picture frame problems. If you have been staring at your large boring wooden picture frame for weeks, trying to figure out what you can do to give it new life and add a little bit of oomph back to your space…chalk paint time! The most important thing to remember with chalk paint is to keep a rag handy to wipe off the excess paint in order to create that warm rustic look! Have fun!

Awesome Ideas for Using String Lights Inside and Outside Your Home

Have you searched LED Lighting Ideas on Pinterest yet? You should. There are plenty of unique DIY ways to use them both functionally and aesthetically. Here are a few ways to use them in the bedroom and out in the yard:

In the bedroom. You can use LED Lights to make jawdropping headboards, canopies, and hanging chandeliers. Also, fun nightlights for little ones and pretty decortions for small dorm rooms – especially when adding adorable pictures to them with clothespins!

Out in the backyard. Wrap them around wooden poles for a totem effect or string the from one side to the other for a whimsical romantic feel. Find wine bottles and placing them as a centerpiece during dinner parties makes for a gorgeous replacement for candles and other necessary lighting for entertaining.

String Lights 1String Lights 2

How to Plan and Hang Patio Lights

Ready to light up your patio? Here are 3 tips you should read before going to town:

1. Measure Your Space.


The first step to a flawless patio light design is making sure you know the dimensions of your space. We recommend drawing a rough sketch of the area where you plan to hang your lights and writing the measurements on your drawing for quick reference later.


2. Decide How to Hang Them and what kind of LED lights.


Low hanging or tight? Take inspiration from the pros when designing your backyard patio lights! Event spaces, restaurant patios and public squares are all areas where patio lights are likely to be found in a variety of patterns and designs. Whether it’s in a V shape or Z, it’s important to get the right size lights for the right size design. There are also a variety of bulbs to choose from. You can also head out for inspiration on how they will look like by taking a gander at your favorite LED lit spots.

3. Get help.

It’s good to have some reinforcement, extra safety, and an outside eye when it comes to hanging your lights. Finding a sturdy light and someone to hand you the hammer is all too important. This is a job for more than one.

Patio Lights 1Patio Lights 2Patio Lights3


Delightful Dutch Home Tour

The Cleanest. Check out this Delightful Dutch Home Tour.


So fresh. So clean. So Dutch.


Homes in the Netherlands have some of the most awe-inspiring decor.  


Ethereal white to rustic to minimal to natural themes, the Dutch are the connoisseurs of simplified, statement making interior decor.

Fall in love with the minimalist Dutch lifestyle with these decor ideas.