How to Fill an Empty Space!


Notice the light. Before you begin dreaming about the perfect love-seat or the ideal floor mirror to lean against the wall, take a step back and just examine your empty home. Observe the natural light, notice if you get more light in the morning or the afternoon, be aware of spots that might have a glare, or spots that might need some lighting assistance. This crucial step will save you time and money farther down the decor road!


Remember the flow of traffic. Sometimes we can get so carried away with the aesthetic beauty of our space that we can forget the immensely important practical side of decor! Your home will ideally have people moving through the space, and it is vital that you put some thought in the patterns of foot traffic, how you will get from one room to the next, where the dinner guests will most likely float after a meal, how important the movement from the entryway to the family room is. Any amount of thought you put into the flow of the space will help you choose a floor plan and furniture pieces that enhance the social life of your home, instead of constricting it!


Form follows function. There is nothing wrong with having a gorgeous and insanely impractical coffee table. The only thing to remember is that one the whole, you want your space to serve the function of being a living space and then to take on the aesthetic form you desire. Choosing beauty over function for every aspect of your home will make the space cold and uninviting. Make sure you are choosing a decor that ‘works’ and then you can make sure it is beautiful as well!


How to declutter like a pro!



Curate your home. You are the gallery operator of your home, you need to think of your decor as intentionally as you can. The way you arrange each bookshelf, the way you place your tray on your coffee table, the way the soap is set out in the guest bathroom, the number of family photos you have hanging in the hallway, each of these details speaks volumes about your style and the atmosphere you are creating in your home. Avoid ‘accidental decor’ and make sure you are carefully choosing to have your home look the way it looks.


You are your number one guest. Whatever you do, make sure you keep your home beautiful for you, not just for your guests. If we only make our home looks its best when we are entertaining, then we miss out on the simple joy of living in a thoughtfully cared for home. Love your home, and you will love living in it!


Use it or lose it. This rule is simple. If you never use that bathrobe, that immersion blender, that beaded scarf, that bar set, that elliptical machine, or that cumbersome crockpot, give yourself one month. If during that month you still have not used whatever it is, you must part ways. There is no need to unnecessarily clutter your home with objects that have no use for you! Pass them along to someone who will use them.


Think before you spend. This rule is directly linked to the previous rule! Do some solid meditating before you add furniture or decor into your home. This is equally important for anything we purchase and bring into our home without clearly determining whether we need it. Space is a commodity in your home, make sure you only acquire objects that you really truly want in your home!

Interior Decorator Tips for a Chic Home!


Accessories as Decor. If you are working in a smaller space and want to avoid stacks of accessories in your tiny closet, piles of scarves gathering dust in your drawers, or tangled jewelry which never gets worn, think about using these sartorial decorative pieces to decorate your home as well! A chic wall of hats, a rainbow hanging of your scarf collection or a simple jewelry stand will save you space and enhance the aesthetic beauty of your home!


Large frame tiny art. Instead of cluttering up every wall with yet another gallery wall, choose a hallway or smaller wall to display a large beautiful frame. Use matting to display one tiny piece of art in the center of the frame. This shows attention to detail and intentionality in your decor.


Color palette for your home. Your home should have a unifying color pallette to connect all of the rooms. Choose your four or five base colors and then let one of these shine in each room with undertones from the supporting cast of the other colors! This way your home will be have a through-line of color with tangential bright spots to avoid the monotony of a completely monochromatic home!

Kids Room Nordic Bliss regarding Brilliant in addition to Beautiful nordic kids room regarding House - Design Decor

Splurge on the timeless pieces. It’s okay to let yourself have a few statement pieces that bend the bank a bit. Just be sure that you don’t go all out for a piece of furniture that will only be in style until next spring! The high-end pieces in your home should be eternal, timeless, and classic. This will liberate you to swap out your more fun decor and accessories more regularly without any financial worry!

Bathroom Color Tips!


Whether you like it or not, you need to take time to plan the decor of your bathroom just like any other room in your home! The colors you choose for the walls and for the decor objects can greatly affect the mood you create in your bathroom. This is important because you spend much of your morning waking ritual in your bathroom and we want to ensure that you are starting each day in a positive and uplifting way!


Choosing warm tones for the walls of your bathroom and wooden decor features will create a natural glow to your space. Golden to yellow tones for bathroom walls reflect the morning sun and subconsciously prime your mind to optimistically approach each day!


Recreating a seaside landscape in your personal bathroom on any scale will help you remember to take a deep breath before you start each day! Living “Island Style” with joy and moderation can help us reduce our stress and head out into the world with a peaceful attitude!


Moroccan bathroom decor is a good option if you need to be reminded to take care of yourself! The ultimate treat for our body and mind, the hammam or Turkish bath experience can be evoked in your bathroom with the addition of tiles, ceramic decor pieces or bright red accents!

Choosing the Right Bedroom Colors!


Warm & Bold. As the heat of summer begins to cool, it can be a great time to pour a little bit of warmth into your color choices for your bedroom. Fall is a perfect opportunity to spice up your bedroom decor with a little bit of orange or red. These traditionally autumnal colors remind us of positive change in our lives and the world around us, but they also help subconsciously lift our mood when we retreat to our bedrooms to rest, infusing those precious moments before sleep with warmth.


Cool & Classy. If you have filled your summer with bright colors and splashed of pink, orange or green, fall can serve as a time to tone it down a it. Let yourself observe your summer decor and fashion choices without judgement and then settle on a contrasting choice as you move into fall! The vibrancy of hot pink and mango orange from the hot summer months can be balanced by gentle pastels on the cooler spectrum of color. Light periwinkle or soothing lavender might be good options for your transition to autumn!

Black and White. If you are exhausted from figuring out your bedroom color palette with every changing season, it might be time for you to take the plunge into the exciting world of black and white and grey! By choosing a grey-scale aesthetic for your bedroom, you can enjoy the comforting limits to color but also take advantage of the occasional pop of color in one single accent pillow or one lone vase. This is truly the best of both worlds, allowing you to experiment with the wide variety of black and white patterns in your bedding, your rugs and your drapery while keeping the door slightly open to the powerful world of color.

Interior Decorator Bedroom Hacks!


Low ceiling? Low furniture and one or two powerful vertical pieces can help create the illusion of higher ceilings in your bedroom! Avoid a headboard that is too large, instead opt for a bed frame that is sleek and low to the ground, adding a tall floor lamp or a statement mirror leaning against a wall to create height!


Boring bedding? If you are bored with your bedding, you don’t necessarily have to replace it all! Stay in the same color palette just add diversity in your pattern and texture. Find accent pillows or a throw in the same color as your comforter but with more variety in fabric pattern.


Cheap curtains? If you are not in the mood to spring for luxury drapery for your bedroom windows, never fear! You can always pick up discount curtains at Ross or Marshall’s, just be sure to grab them in a length longer than you require! This way, you can easily hem them to the length you want and still achieve the proper length of curtain! You always want your window treatment to (at least!) touch the floor, ideally it will create a small pouf of fabric as it lands.


Tempted to go bold? Go even bolder! A dark accent wall can look strange if it contrasts with the molding and the trim on that wall! So go ahead and paint the whole wall for a hyper-modern powerful choice!


Mirror Mirror on the Wall! Be mindful of where you hang your mirror! You want great light for putting on makeup and checking out your outfit but you also want to make sure that when someone enters your room they see something beautiful reflected in your mirror: artwork, your ceiling pendant, the window on the opposite wall!

Autumn Accents!


Bold patterns. The changing seasons are reminders to us to add variety and spice to our lives. Even though changes in our lives can sometimes be intimidating and feel overwhelming, we are not meant to live a static unchanging existence. Instead, change can be exciting, healthy and stimulating. Go for powerful bold patterns in your pillows this fall to really mix things up and make a new statement.


Bright colors. Monochromatic decor has its appeal and can be a very soothing and peaceful choice for any space. The downside is that it can also get a bit boring if your entire home becomes one large neutral pallette! Splash some color onto your canvas this fall and let yourself try out the more vibrant side of life!


Colorful kitchen. Every kitchen could do with some continuity in decor and a uniting element. You can create a unifying effect in your kitchen with the materials of your furniture, the style of cabinets, the lighting or a theme color. Mix’n’match can be a great look but you must be careful not to cross the line into confusing and jarring eclecticity! One way to keep the decor of your kitchen flowing smoothly this fall is to choose one central color and stick with it. That bright red kettle you have? Maybe pick up a few red kitchen towels to solidify that color theme. You have a collection of purple glass vases you want to display? No problem! Just consider a purple colander or a purple set of mugs to really bring it all together!