Awesome Ideas for Using String Lights Inside and Outside Your Home

Have you searched LED Lighting Ideas on Pinterest yet? You should. There are plenty of unique DIY ways to use them both functionally and aesthetically. Here are a few ways to use them in the bedroom and out in the yard:

In the bedroom. You can use LED Lights to make jawdropping headboards, canopies, and hanging chandeliers. Also, fun nightlights for little ones and pretty decortions for small dorm rooms – especially when adding adorable pictures to them with clothespins!

Out in the backyard. Wrap them around wooden poles for a totem effect or string the from one side to the other for a whimsical romantic feel. Find wine bottles and placing them as a centerpiece during dinner parties makes for a gorgeous replacement for candles and other necessary lighting for entertaining.

String Lights 1String Lights 2

How to Plan and Hang Patio Lights

Ready to light up your patio? Here are 3 tips you should read before going to town:

1. Measure Your Space.


The first step to a flawless patio light design is making sure you know the dimensions of your space. We recommend drawing a rough sketch of the area where you plan to hang your lights and writing the measurements on your drawing for quick reference later.


2. Decide How to Hang Them and what kind of LED lights.


Low hanging or tight? Take inspiration from the pros when designing your backyard patio lights! Event spaces, restaurant patios and public squares are all areas where patio lights are likely to be found in a variety of patterns and designs. Whether it’s in a V shape or Z, it’s important to get the right size lights for the right size design. There are also a variety of bulbs to choose from. You can also head out for inspiration on how they will look like by taking a gander at your favorite LED lit spots.

3. Get help.

It’s good to have some reinforcement, extra safety, and an outside eye when it comes to hanging your lights. Finding a sturdy light and someone to hand you the hammer is all too important. This is a job for more than one.

Patio Lights 1Patio Lights 2Patio Lights3


Statement Lighting

It’s all about getting the lighting right.

For the  right ambience and to reflect a unique look with a touch of personality to your space. Statement lights should do just that, make a statement.


Light fixtures can either just blend in and support the rest of the decor, or they can stand out to bring a distinct and fresh peak of interest to a space.


Unique light fixtures can become a part of your signature style, so pick something special that speaks to you.


It doesn’t have to be expensive, you can find statement lights anywhere on all budgets!


Turn a Small Bedroom into Your Dream Dressing Room

Make everyone jealous by turning your extra spare room into a dressing room or office.To start out, you need to clear the room out and clean it up.

2 (1)

Next, pick the light fixtures you want to feature. You will need a ceiling fixture, as well as some task lighting such as tiny lights for your mirrors.


Then you have to pick a mirror that is big enough for a full-body view and looks good. Go with one that fits your personality and style.

4 (1)

The hardest part is deciding how to store the things you want in your dressing room.


Some options include a large closet or wall unit with compartments for certain items, or you can keep them separately in different storage options.


You can also create an open storage system using hanging rods and shelves. Afterwards, add the finishing touches to make it feel cozy.

You can use rugs or carpets to create some texture and pattern. Feel free to add whatever furniture or accessories to make it feel like a relaxing haven.

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