Movie Night Gear!

Time to get your supplies ready for the perfect movie night! Before you snuggle in for the cozy experience of watching a movie with your loved one in the dark, going on a journey through your imaginations while you sit happily in your living room, you must gather the necessary gear…


Throw. Warm throws and blankets are of the utmost importance when putting together the ideal snuggle movie spot. Make sure you choose soft options that are kind to your skin in case you gently fall asleep and need to use your blanket as a headrest!


Sleeper Sofa. A comfortable and supportive sofa is a key factor. Your experience will be greatly enhanced if your sofa can be transformed into a bed (by being opened out or folded down depending on whether you prefer the modern sleek look of a futon or if you opt for the traditional silhouette of a sleeper sofa).


Dimming lights. Whether you are watching the tamest romantic comedy or the most gut-wrenching horror flick, it can be nice to have some ambient light on in the room where you are enjoying your film! Having lamps that can dim to appropriate mood lighting will keep you from having to choose between full blaring light and utter darkness!


Snacks. Popcorn in all of its different incarnations in a must. Beverages in spill-proofs containers will allow you to sip at your leisure while you watch, without reaching for a flat surface in the dark and risking spills. Collections of healthy snacks in little containers will offer variety and give you something to nibble on during scary movies to keep you from biting your fingernails!

Sofas vs. Armchairs vs. Sectionals!



The ultimate conundrum when creating the layout of your living area is which style of seating to opt for? Most often, we will find that a combination of different seating options makes a space more inviting and more aesthetically interesting. There are, however, certain guidelines that it is important to remember as you move forward in selecting your furniture pieces…


An ‘L-shaped” sectional will be most at home in a corner or when being used to clearly delineate between two spaces in the same room,If you are using your sectional to create a shift in flow between your dining area and your relaxation area, it might be a good idea to place a console table or a low bookcase along the back of your sectional so you do not end up with the naked back of a sofa jutting into your dining space.

Armchair Guidelines… If you have fallen in love with a wild and bold pattern for the fabric of your armchair, rest easy, that will look amazing as long as you limit yourself to that one bold pattern. Once you delve into the world of powerful pattern, tread carefully. Patterns can live together in harmony as long as they share a common color and fabric. It will also help if they differ in their size. A large floral print in a bright vivid green can live beautifully in the same room as a tiny polka dot print in bright green. A wide striped blue and yellow curtain can work well with a thin striped blue pillow.

To sofa or not to sofa?

When choosing your sofa it is of the utmost importance that you take a moment to reflect on the need you are trying to fulfill. Do you require a comfortable laze-about couch for the whole family to snuggle for movie night? Do you want this sofa to be the first thing your guests notice about your living room, admiring its form and style? Do you want to sit and chat on it? Do you want to take a nap on it? Once you have answered these questions for yourself, it will be easier for you to narrow the field of options!

Mid-Century Makeover


The time has come to dump your old lamps that you have had since your first apartment out of college. They have served you well and you are now free to choose something fresh and stylish! A mid-century tripod lamp or overarching table lamp will help add a finishing touch to any room and make your space feel intentionally curated (as opposed to accidentally mix’n’match!)


Take a look at your living room and assess whether all of the pieces fit together well. Check to see if you are missing a common thread, a shared narrative that your furniture communicates. If you get an undeniable sense of the incomplete or the confused as you glance around your space, then it might be a good idea to invest in a piece that will bring all of the other pieces together! If you have a lot of different types of wood, choose a coffee table that has a variety of woods in a pattern on the top! If you have many different finishes of metal, choose a collection of three lamps that are all in the same metal to create a more unified feeling in your room!


Every home needs a bar cart. Full stop. Whether you are using it to display your collection of cocktail ingredients, books or family pictures, it is a useful and versatile piece of furniture. Letting ourselves steal a little bit from the mid-century style, we can benefit from the bar-cart in our homes today! Change up the contents of your bar-cart every month or so to allow this piece to freshen up your living room regularly!

These chairs, though!


It is time to take the plunge and add a fun upholstered chair to your living room this year! We tend to play it safe and choose more neutral colors and patterns for our larger furniture pieces like sofas and rugs, and that’s okay! It gives you more freedom to try something new with your chairs and ottomans!


Go for a new angle and choose an armchair with a more mid-century angularity to it! Sharp corner in the arms or legs will make your chair a functional seat and a unique piece of art. Follow your heart and choose wooden or metallic legs, whichever speaks to your personal aesthetic sensibilities!


Funky patterns were all the rage in the 1950s and they are making a comeback! As long as the pattern you choose is not competing with any other bold designs in your room, feel free to let loose and go bold! An elegant animal print is not out of place if it serves as your accent chair and a powerful bright velvet armchair will serve to add some flavor to a more blander room!

Golden Accents to Light Up Your Space!


An antique brass or polished gold accent table or coffee table is the perfect way to add more light to any room. Serving a similar function as a mirror or a glass piece of furniture, the reflecting metal will make a small space seem larger and a big space more welcoming! The golden touch will also help ground your space and give more power to any colors that are near it!


Try a metallic finish for your mirrors this year! It’s cosmetic lore that golden jewelry helps every woman’s skin look more soft and glowing, so why not apply the same theory to our mirrors? Give yourself a golden outline to help start your day out with confidence!


Mad Men Moments: Serve up your drinks to your guests in style! Take a bit of advice from our mid-century predecessors and host your party with a bit of golden flare! Try cocktail tumblers with a golden trim or a bar-kit in antique brass to add a modern romantic energy to your soiree!


Curtains: Dos and Don’ts


DO: Use a couple solid pieces of rope to make DIY rope ties!

DO: Opt for a beautiful loft feeling in your home by using painter’s drop cloths (available at your local Home Depot!) and spray painting lovely stenciled designs to create one-of-a-kind curtain panels!

DO consider trying a light and sheer curtain panel with a Moroccan or mosaic pattern. This will create a breezy summer feeling in your space while still allowing for privacy!

DO invest in a steamer for your curtains! Wrinkly and creased curtains will destroy the ambiance in any room (the exception of course, being linen curtains which naturally have a rumpled, lived-in appearance!)

DON’T put yourself through the exhausting process of ironing your curtains! This is a time-sink and will usually end in frustration and more creases!

DON’T overcrowd you windows with too many window panels! Measure your windows carefully and keep in mind that the width of the curtains should be about 10 inches wider than your windows to create nice folds in the curtains as they hang.

DON’T choose a pattern for your curtains that competes with any other pieces in your room. If you already have a vibrant and bold pattern in your bedding or your rug, choose a calmer monochrome option for your curtains.

How To Decorate With Tropical Prints


Put the lime in the coconut. We’ll eat them both up. Just like this trend alert: Tropical Prints! Here is how to incorporate tropical prints into your home.
1. Bring the outdoors in instantly with tropical print wallpaper on an accent wall. Ideal places for a tropical print wall paper to stand out? Small wall spaces like the bathroom, entryway, or a tucked in corner of a living room. The jungle effect will be sure to liven things up and add a pop of freshness just in time for summer.
2. Want to slowly incorporate tropical prints into your home? Take it for a test drive with a temporary tablescape in the living room or your next dinner party. Placing banana leaves on plates or using them as placemates makes for a quick fix island theme. Add coconuts, pineapples, or tropical flowers like orchids as centerpieces for that extra whimsy.
il_fullxfull.960937186_dfmh (1).jpg
3. If you think tropical print is too much, keep your base color theme black and white with decor accents of lush green. You’ll still get that vacation-like feel with combination of a sleek, minimalist space. Use large tropical indoor plants or foilage fossils as focal points to keep it all under control.
4.Invoke relaxing island feels alongside your tropical print picks with light wood materials that bring an extra element of nature to the room. Try bamboo, maple, or oak. These materials are light on the eyes but heavyduty when it comes to withstanding everyday wear and tear.
5. Palm tree leaf pillows and prints! Palm tree prints, pillows and pillowcases are all you need if you’re embracing the current trend of true tropical flair. Frame two prints and place them over your desk or pile a bunch of pillows on your couch or bedding. Instant vacation feels.