Bathroom Color Tips!


Whether you like it or not, you need to take time to plan the decor of your bathroom just like any other room in your home! The colors you choose for the walls and for the decor objects can greatly affect the mood you create in your bathroom. This is important because you spend much of your morning waking ritual in your bathroom and we want to ensure that you are starting each day in a positive and uplifting way!


Choosing warm tones for the walls of your bathroom and wooden decor features will create a natural glow to your space. Golden to yellow tones for bathroom walls reflect the morning sun and subconsciously prime your mind to optimistically approach each day!


Recreating a seaside landscape in your personal bathroom on any scale will help you remember to take a deep breath before you start each day! Living “Island Style” with joy and moderation can help us reduce our stress and head out into the world with a peaceful attitude!


Moroccan bathroom decor is a good option if you need to be reminded to take care of yourself! The ultimate treat for our body and mind, the hammam or Turkish bath experience can be evoked in your bathroom with the addition of tiles, ceramic decor pieces or bright red accents!

Bathroom Storage Hacks!


I love this simple trick for storing your metallic beauty products! Simple pick up a thin metallic knife strip and mount in on the wall or a shelf in your bathroom. Then you have a convenient way to keep your tweezers, nail-clippers and pesky bobby pins so that you don’t have to rifle through your drawers to find them! (Thanks to for this idea, we love it!)


There is no better room to utilize wooden wine crate than the bathroom! These versatile wooden containers are perfect to house rolled up towels or jars of cotton balls or smaller boxes of q-tips! They will look warm and natural unpainted or will coordinate easily with your decor if you choose to paint them!

When you feel overwhelmed by piles of things in your boudoir or your bathroom, take a step back and begin to sort your cosmetics and beauty supplies  by theme.  Make a pile of hair products, a pile of face cleaning products, a pile of hair accessories, a pile of medicine, a pile of ‘I-use-these-things-every-single-morning’. Then let yourself grab as many baskets as you need to place these piles in containers! Having your piles organizes and separated into their different purposes will help you assess what you need to hold onto and what you need to let yourself let go of!

5 Ways to Create the Perfect Peace Corner


Choose a small side table or nightstand to serve as the base of your Peace Corner. This will be a place in your home where you can go to breathe and calm yourself in the face of stress or regular life anxiety.


Place a framed picture of a place that you associate with happiness or a very strong positive memory. This can be a family photo or an image of a park, a beach or any happy place for you!


Add objects that you find visually beautiful and soothing. A few examples might be seashells from a particularly memorable trip to the beach, a smooth rock from a hiking trip, a souvenir from a trip to a new country or even a well-designed perfume bottle.

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Pick out a candle or some incense that you enjoy. Scent is a powerful tool that you can use to help calm and center yourself if you are feeling overwhelmed or just a bit stressed out. Having a few bottles of essential oil in your peace corner can be helpful as well, especially if you are lucky enough to have an aroma infuser to truly immerse yourself in the restorative smells of lavender or gardenia.


Last (but most definitely not least!), remember to pick out a comfortable pillow or bolster so you have a soft and welcoming surface to sit on when you are taking advantage of your peace corner! The idea is to create a space that is a refuge, a sanctuary from the fast-paced, fight or flight of everyday life. Take a deep even breath in through your nose and let yourself let out a deep sigh as you exhale through your mouth. Peace.

Small Tables. Big Ideas.

Rethink small tables! Sometimes all you need is a little help with four legs to recreate a space that is both beautiful and functional. Use it to display candles, current reads, lamps and all of your favorite frequently used little knick knacks. Here are three small table designs that can add an extra oomph to any room:

Second-hand style: Old school wheels make this mini-table an easily mobile place to store reading magazines flea market finds.


White out: A small sleek, smooth white table let’s everything around it shine. It’s the best choice if  you’re looking for something that won’t compete with already existing  textures and textiles.


Full circle: Need something cute to place your morning coffee and newspaper? This little wooden, art deco addition will make a practical and petite impact.



How To Style a Gallery Wall

Styling a gallery wall is one of our favorite home projects.

Have fun collecting art, printing my own photos at home, framing keepsakes, and making some easy original pieces for any corner or wall.

Before putting tacks and nails into the wall, use blue painter’s tape to map out the style that youre hoping to achieve.

Once you get it just right, start hammering away. You can also use easy stick on wall hanging supplies which you can find at your local craft store or hardware store. But, gotta admit, that the old-fashioned way still rules for a longer lasting hold.

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Small Space Decorating Mistakes

It’s tricky decorating a small space. While we often like to share new advice for making the most of your tiny housing, sometimes it can be more helpful to share what not to do. Watch out for these mistakes:

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Underestimating Natural Light

Natural light is a small space’s best friend. Maximize yours by placing mirrors on opposite walls from your windows to reflect and spread the light.


Interrupting Visual Flow

Use a unified color palette, material story, or consistent overall style that will help the eye travel easily. This will help the space seamlessly flow together.

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Keep clutter at bay

Get creative when it comes to storage areas and places to carve out more useable square footage. Floor to ceiling shelving will add had, eye-catching storage will create practical and attractive decorations.

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Design Inspiration: Bedroom Accessories

Bedrooms come in all styles, shapes, and sizes, but with the right accessories, you can make this room all your own.