No Stress New Year’s Bash!


Everyone wants to ring in the new year in a happy and festive atmosphere, surrounded by friends or family and toasting to the hope of a fresh new year! There’s  no need to add stress to your holiday plate by trying to plan a massive and labor-intensive party. Stick to the basics and enjoy your countdown to midnight!


Start the party late so your guests are awake and lively at midnight, Set the start time at 9:30 or 10.

christmas finger foods appetizers

Don’t fuss with a full meal! Provide finger food to keep your party well-fed without the hassle of table settings or long drawn-out kitchen time! Bring out the  cheese, bread, olives, nuts, hummus, pita, carrot/cucumber slices, popcorn, mini-pizzas or mini-quiches!


Provide Prosecco or Champagne for toasting when the clock strikes twelve but consider also providing a few EANABs (Equally Attractive Non-Alcoholic Beverages), not all guests want to imbibe, but they still want to feel included and festive!


Have a pile of strips of paper, a bowl and some markers out on a table. Each guest can jot down a funny or thoughtful prediction for the new year! You can read these out loud after midnight and guess who wrote which one!

Music! Don’t worry about planning the music too much, let Pandora help you out by choosing a “New Year’s Eve” station!

Happy New Year! Have a wonderful 2017!

-The LUX Team



























Swap Holidays in Style!

If your home still looks like it is celebrating Halloween or Thanksgiving, it is time to put a bit of thought into a quick update to give your decor a winter holiday makeover!


Too many pumpkins that were being used as decor in your entryway or as centerpieces for your dinner parties? Go ahead and cut them open to throw together some soothing winter pumpkin soup or a hearty loaf of pumpkin bread!


Using red, orange, and yellow for your decor? No problem! Just remove the orange and yellow components and add in something glittery or sparkly for a shiny, red holiday look!


Acorns, branches and pinecones in your autumn and thanksgiving decor? Just add a bit of golden paint to the tips of the branches or leaves to let your holiday centerpiece sparkle and shine!

Three Ways to Color your Treats!

Nothing says holidays like colorful snacks! Check out these fun ways to add some festive flair to your feasts this winter season!


Red and Green Rice Krispie Treats! Throw some food coloring into a standard batch of treats for an easy splash of spirit to your holiday snack table!

Breakfast - Waffles with Blueberry Top View in white

Blue and White Waffles! Celebrate Hanukkah in style by dropping blue food coloring into your waffle mix and then covering with a generous dusting of powdered sugar!


Holiday Shortcake! Add some red food coloring to your angel-food cake mix and some green food coloring to your whipped cream. The strawberries will bring bright red and you can add green M&Ms for a colorful winter tribute to strawberry shortcake!